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Festival Tour

The rich cultural diversity of Bhutan is further augmented by a wide variety of religious festivals filled with dances and merry making. Religious beliefs are evidenced in all aspects of life and festival is no exception. Festivals in Bhutan offer an opportunity to become immersed in the meaning of their religion and gain merit. Festivals provides the people a break from their busy schedule and meet with their friends and family. People gather in their finest clothes and jewelries carrying packed lunch in large social gathering. Tshechu, the most important festival of traditional mask dances (chham) takes place in different dzongkhags at varied time of the year. They are performed for three days in the temples, monasteries and in the dzongs. These festival extolls the great deeds of Guru Rinpoche and attracts many devotees and guest from outside Bhutan. These festival ends with the unveiling and worship of huge religious appliques, locally known as Thongdroel, which is said to be delivered from the cycle of reincarnation which is the ultimate aim of Buddhism.

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