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Nestled in the eastern Himalayas between China & India, Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon is the last remaining Buddhist Kingdom in the Himalayas. The Tiny Kingdom is home to nearly 0.8 million inhabitants. Bhutan has been widely known as the Last Shangri-La.

Bhutan makes extraordinary special with its rich tradition, cultural heritage, pristine ecology, scenic beauty, lush valleys, and unspoilt country side, fascinating architecture, kind-hearted people and devout Buddhist cultures.The most importantly, the ‘High Value, Low Impact Tourism’ policy, which makes it an unspoilt destination for travellersBack in 1970s, when our Fourth King famously said, For Bhutan, Gross National Happiness in more important than Gross National Product & has become a nation’s development philosophy.

Ever since, all development in Bhutan is driven by Gross National Happiness, a pioneering vision that aims to improve the wellbeing & happiness of the people.Today, Happiness & country is one of the most talked in the world. People from all walks of life has said & talked – Bhutan is safest & happiest country in the world.The country is world’s only carbon negative country & has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time.

 Recently, Bhutan has won 2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100 ‘Earth Award Series’ defeating Spain & Iceland in the final in Berlin. This makes Bhutan one of the finest tourist destinations in the world.Facts aside, you will be able to experience firsthand other many touristy things – while landing to the Happiest Nation.