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The Traveller Trails – Bhutan Advantages

The Traveller Trails – Bhutan is specialised;

  • Arts & Cultural
  • Festivals
  • Trekking
  • Nature & Adventure
  • Textile
  • Bird watching
  • Pilgrimage
  • Photography
  • Honeymoon
  • Bhutanese Traditional Marriage
  • ‘Gross National Happiness’ tour, where travellers will be able to learn how this development philosophy has pursued & how it is rooted in each and every aspects of development taking place in Bhutan.


Travellers will be able to see breathtaking Dzongs and Monasteries, attend a local Buddhist festival and hike to sacred Taktsang ("Tiger's Nest") Monastery.

Witness an exciting Tshechu (Bhutan festivals) - Bhutanese religious festival, with its colorful, masked dancers and bustling markets. Stay in some of the country's most intimate accommodations.

The Traveller Trails – Bhutan offers home stays to experience the pure traditional Bhutanese village lives.

The Traveller Trail – Bhutan’s mission is to make every traveller’s dream holiday in Bhutan a reality- and a trip to remember forever.

The Traveller Trails – Bhutan would be glad to design itineraries based on your instincts, the only thing is that travellers have to suggest us your interest, based on what you have suggested, and we would be happy to prepare a suitable itinerary for all of you.

The Traveller Trails – Bhutan experience all the highlights of Bhutan.